Empowered Families, Inc.

Changing the Outlook of Families.

 Serving as an Educator to Families by Providing Free Workshops, Seminars, Classes and Mentoring.

Healthy Parenting
We provide education & support to single and two parent families.  Our workshops help to empower and equip with the necessary tools and resources parents need to help them to establish healthy families.  We also provide financial literacy workshops.

Marriage Enrichment
We provide monthly marriage enrichment workshops, seminars, and activities designed to help strenghthen the marriage bond.  Our programs are Christ centered and help to enhance communication, teach conflict resolution and provide an opportunity for growth through learning and transparent sharing of experiences. 

We provide mentoring for boys, men and leaders.  We come alongside them for accountablility to help build character and cultivate leadership skills.  Our free mentoring program for boys 10-18 is called "Real Talk".  We hold a yearly event called Things Guys Should Know for all guys in the community from ages 10-100.

We provide events for the entire family such as Family Fun Days and our Express Yo-Self talent nights. Our Teen Girl and Women's Expo is held annually.

Invest in Families
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